VEVOR Air Bag Jack 6600lbs Capacity Pneumatic Jack Quick Lift 3T, Heavy Duty, Car Repair Jacks and Floor Jacks, Folding Rod Fast Lifting, Triple Bag, with Two Wheels, Quick Car Lifting Jack, Red

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  • Labor-Saving Jack: The pneumatic jack capacity: 6600 lbs/3T. Minimum height: 5.9"/ 150 mm. Maximum height: 15.75"/400 mm. It only takes 5 seconds to lift. Working Temp: -60℃~ 50 ℃. Air inlet: G1/4. Our triple bag jack is the easiest and fastest way to make the car lifted.
  • Heavy Duty Construction: Our pneumatic jack is a high-strength steel that makes the whole body sturdy and durable. Highly sealed airbags will not leak or be scratched. In addition, our wheels are better suitable for all-terrain, helping you maintain your car anytime, anywhere.
  • Secure Usage: First, keep the red valve closed, open the green valve, and input the compressed air; when inflating to the height, turn off the green valve. After use, open the red valve to bleed off air. The safety valve in the middle ensures the injected gas is not excessive to ensure the security of the use process.
  • Adjustable Handle: This airbag jack has an adjustable handle, which can be adjusted to three different positions to make the jack convenient to use. And this handle can be disassembled from the middle, saving space and making it suitable for you to take it outdoors.
  • Wide Application: The quick jack car lift is suitable for the situation where a single wheel needs to be lifted in soft terrain or muddy roads for family-used cars, minivans, SUVs, and off-road vehicles.
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Easy to use
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M. Lorenz

Macht was es soll

Funktioniert, allerdings ist die Arretierung der Schubstange verbesserungswürdig, das diese sich ständig aushängt. Auch die Verbindung der beiden Schubstangenteile ist eher billig und nicht stabil ausgefallen

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Does the job

It works great for lifting my F150 front end to change tires and it is fastmust be on flat ground and requires truck be blocked so doesn't move, or it will tilt and not come down very good

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stephen r.

As good as it says on the tin!

I have looked for a long while to consider the merits or demerits of this type of jack and finally put my hand in my pocket. I found it well packed, it arrived quickly and in good condition. You have to fit the valve and connector bracket + plus hose on the base plate but that is two screws only and takes just a few minutes. I found that I had to cut the hose a bit to prevent a kink after fitting but that's better than being too short.The jack is sturdy and quite robust, the quality seems good too, time will tell on durability of course.I chose this one as the footprint is compact at circa 12.75"/324mm square and the bracket sticks out about 3.5" / 88mm or so. I changed the air fitting for a PCL type to suit my garage installation but that was my requirement or choice and not an issue with the jack at all. It works very well, it is fast and stable at all heights and meets every claim made within the advertising and videos that are available if you search the Net. The biggest benefit for me is that with 99% of modern cars, particularly those with under engine covers is that access or availability of hard points for safe jacking are fewer and fewer. It is pretty usual to jack the car on the suspension and be left with not enough room for an axle stand, however because of it's small footprint this is better for placing under the sill jacking point which leaves you room under the suspension for the axle stand. Now you could argue that a trolley jack will also go under the sill which is true but the air bag takes up less room and is a darned site quicker too. You can get these that have different handles some are long with remote operation of the valves etc and with wheels and are more like a trolley jack in use, it will just depend on your needs. It is great value for money, well made and functions as described, if you are thinking of an air jack this could be your choice. I do need to state that I am a working from a well equipped home workshop, so regular use but not

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5 stars

5 stars. Excellent product ,quick delivery- 24 h Recommended for all DIY mechanic. quality build and strong

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Christopher Ashdown

Myst have

Absolutely fantastic product received through very promptly.

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